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Through our academy and tailored programs, we help Leaders, Executive Teams and Boards scale and transform their Businesses and Leadership consistently, predictably, and in a repeatable way that generates massive profit, incorporates sustainability and ESG principles,  builds capability, capacity and is super simple. Whether you are building a new division or product line or expanding your business or a new jurisdiction, we will help and connect you.

Depending on what stage you’re currently at, here are some ways we can help you on your journey.

Business Accelarator - Executive and Boards

Is this you?

  • You are an established B2B owner of a $2-20M+ business, well over 10 employees. You want a multi-dimensional growth strategy you can trust in (and one that is forward looking, and pragmatic). You are frustrated with your current growth or scale up plans.
  • You want to accelerate the success of elevating the VISION, PURPOSE, ALIGNMENT, and EXECUTION across every level in the firm, from the C-suite, Board to front lines  
  • There is little or no cross collaboration at diverse levels e.g., Top Team, Board – you are in working in siloes and unable to get initiatives to complete successfully
  • You have or are building a board, and it is not impactful or competent enough
  • You are an expert in your field, but not so much in transformation, business scale and leadership You have tried many things to spark growth—but are unhappy with the ROI
  • You want an expert guide to support your growth activities
  • You want to do something now to put you on the path to growth 

In the executive, you’ll work alongside myself and my team to become a better leader, to more efficiently lead your team, your business and function and to build an empire and legacy you’re proud of. In the board, you will also work alongside myself to become a better chair, director and create a better and impactful advisory board or governance board.

Unshakeable Resilience: Lead Through Challenge and Take On Opportunities

Personally led and facilitated by Steven Paul: For individuals and business leaders who want to be equipped at personal and professional level to respond to any form of challenges/adversity and take on ANY type of opportunity that is in FRONT of them with grit, resilience, and build a mindset of success.

We also help leaders who  and busy people go from working hard with little or no clear direction to becoming highly focused by co-creating clear goals, building a success and growth mindset, and developing the blueprint to provide the support needed.

  • Online and Live Coaching available to anyone
  • Resilience programme will help you with the ability to react and adapt appropriately to life’s or business challenges and turn them into forward momentum to achieve your goals.
  • When you as individuals, or leaders or your teams are more resilient, they feel more energised and are able to approach persona and business goals and challenges with a greater sense of purpose, success mindset and motivation.
  • Start with the unique online course, by clicking the learn more.

Group Coaching and VIP days
Led by Steven Paul

We will work with you design, facilitate and deliver VIP session or away days – virtual or face-to face, that incorporates diverse topics Strategy, Leadership Scale, Business Growth, Career Transition, Board Effectiveness


As a Chartered Director (CDir) from the Institute of Directors, Steven offers the highest of Board level standards and agility. Whether you are startup, or established small medium business (SMB), having a team of intelligent, well-meaning and hard-working directors doesn’t always guarantee that your Advisory Board or Main Governance Board will work well. We do not have a rigid approach. With me as a focal point, we assess the needs of each individual business client and design and deliver relevant programmes or even come to your board to discuss a specific topic. Each assignment is, therefore, bespoke to the client, the nature of their business and relevant to their current circumstances and requirements.

Private Coaching

Steven takes on a few clients per year for one-on-one coaching. These are the business leaders already looking to make powerful strategic moves: expansion, becoming a next level leader, business expansion, merger, post integration, investor readiness or levelling up their broader leadership to paint an awesome vision of the future that propels them forward over the next 25 years.


Are you looking to be challenged, connected and surprised?

Do you want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded people who are taking their business, teams and board initiative to the next level?

Do you want to meet and learn from the leaders in the community?

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Summit Date

Sept 2022, Online
Half Day Online Event For business leaders Who Want To Compress months of planning Into weeks of a strategic plan.

Learn how to:

  1. Goal setting, Values, Vision, Purpose, Alignment, Execution
  2. Perfect Your Positioning
  3. Package Your Product
  4. Build/scale your Leadership or Board

Make this Q3/H2 2022 your most epic one yet! Book a call above button or Contact Steven on steven@stevenpaul.info

Master Class (Ongoing)

Master Classes available for

  • Resilience
  • Goal setting, Values, Vision, Purpose, Alignment, Execution 
  • Career Transition (Executive) 
  • Growth and Business Alignment
  • Leadership Alignment 

Join our community and/or book a call with Steven to find out more. Contact Steven on steven@stevenpaul.info