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…on the Leadership Exposé Podcast

Are you a founder, entrepreneur, CEO/c-suite, board level leader or industry expert who is leading, or built your product or business, or helps businesses get a step up in their market and grow? Whatever your talent, speciality, we’re excited to have you on the show. 

About The Podcast

This podcast is for leaders at diverse levels, and organizations around the world, who are seeking to scale and transform their leadership, to level-up their business, and to create an impact in the lives of people all around them.

Imagine if you could have entrepreneurs, c-suite, board leaders, and mentors whispering and sharing into your ear, on-demand, anywhere you are headed, on journeys of infinite leaders, and on diverse topics including mindset, leadership, strategy, board matters, and business growth. Imagine the power of insights you could have to change your life!

About Our Audience & Reach

Each episode of Leadership Exposé Podcast gets hundreds of downloads, and our reach grows by the thousands each week.

Our audience is mainly comprised of industry experts, B2B business owners, CEOs/C-Suite, entrepreneur, Board Level Leaders who are leaders in their own right, wanting to sharing their story to other leaders who are hungry for growth, stuck on a plateau, or just want better ways to deal with the everyday challenges of revenue growth, sustainability, social responsibility and helping grow other leaders and businesses on diverse areas. 

After you record your interview, the audio and video files will be professionally edited and published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and other channels and platforms. In the show notes of your episode, we will include backlinks to your LinkedIn profile, website, and any other resource you’d like to share. We will also promote your episode on our social media channels, website, and marketing collateral. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for being our guest.

About Your Interview

The focus of Leadership Exposé Podcast Success Talk is not only about sharing their story but also by helping B2B owners sharpen their business’s competitive edge so they can win more and better business.

Along those lines, we want to hear how your services or expertise give business owners a step up in their market, globally or nationally.

Our interviews are conversational, laid-back, and highly practical. During your interview with Steven, you can expect the following questions (plus plenty of natural side questions!)

  • Tell us about your personal and professional journey?
  • Tell us about who you are, what your business does, who you typically focus on, etc.
  • What problems does your customer typically face?
  • Share with us a significant leadership lesson you’ve learned which transformed the way you lead/operate and benefited others?
  • How does your service/expertise give your clients an advantage in their marketplace?
  • If I am a company or business or individual looking to leverage your solution, how would a conversation with you and I sound like?
  • Let’s get into details – What mistakes do you typically see owners make in your area of expertise?
  • How does that put them at a disadvantage compared to their competition and what do you recommend they do instead?
  • What’s an example of a transformation you’ve helped a client achieve?
  • What’s the #1 tip you could give a business owner/CEO/Board Director to gain an advantage in their marketplace or Board?
  • What are your views and/or How are you contributing to Sustainability, Decarbonisation, Governance, ESG, Diversity (broadly)
  • How can people learn more about you?
  • Share with us a significant transformational leadership lesson you’ve learned which transformed the way you lead/operate and benefited others?

NOTE: Appearing on Leadership Exposé Podcast, and all promotion of your interview is 100% free. We believe the insights you share are plenty valuable in and of themselves, and therefore do not charge any fees to be on the show. However, we do reserve the right to not publish your interview if we see fit. Of course, we will often quote and use parts of interviews in our other published materials and products and will always give full attribution when we do, including backlinks and your full name and company affiliation.

Book Your Interview


  • Give at least 7 days lead time for your booking, in order to prepare or communicate in between. Steven will correspond with you in advance

    • You and Steven will meet on Zoom for a recorded AUDIO and/or VIDEO interview. The interview will take 30 minutes, with about five minutes at the start of the interview to get settled with Steven and five minutes after for a recap.
    • Double-check that the event is added to your calendar (since it does not always happen automatically).
    • Ensure you have strong Wi-Fi connection.
    • Please use an external microphone (i.e., not the microphone on your computer). The microphone on a headset or pair of Air pods is sufficient.


  • Should you have any issues, please contact or Telegram/WhatsApp on +447983590555

    Looking forward to our chat

    To your success,

    Steven Paul